20 04 2009

Here’s all you need to know: I’m in the process of getting divorced.

More on that story later.

I had to get that out of the way to explain why I was out looking at apartments recently. The search was interesting, insofar as I am seeking out the upside in an otherwise rotten situation. Back in the Chicago area, deposits are typically first and last month’s rent. In the Dallas area, it’s roughly $99 plus some tacked on fees.

There’s that silver lining again.

One management group I ruled out immediately is called AMLI. They’re like the Wal-Mart of apartment companies. I don’t doubt that they’re nice (albeit pricey) apartments, but the whole place comes off as corporate, man. I don’t like the idea of living in the apartment version of a Homeowner’s Association-controlled subdivision.

(I would wave them off as “cookie-cutter”, but like, duh.)

AMLI was off the menu until I relented one day and checked out the floor plans online. They had names like “Rafael”, “Donatello”, and “Michelangelo”.

AMLI was on the search list, grudgingly. The apartment was on the high end of my budget, but as I told the leasing agent, I simply had to check out any place that names their floor plans after Ninja Turtles.

The agent’s eyes widened as I made that quip.

“They are, aren’t they?”

“Well, yes, but I’m sure they’re named after artists.”

“When I got hired I told my boss they were Ninja Turtle names, and he told me never to say that to prospects.”

“Yeah, let them bring it up first. It’s OK if we do it.”

The apartment was nice and had an attached garage, but I couldn’t justify the expense. That was gonna be a lot of overtime to ensure ends were met each month.

Besides, it’s AMLI, man. They’re the Wal-Mart of apartments.




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