WNBA: The Players Have Come Hither

14 06 2009

Continuing the mind-blowing awesome experiential 3-D smell-o-vision™ recap of the New York Liberty/San Antonio Silver Stars game from June 13, 2009:

Previously: I came, I saw, I had a ridonkulously fantastic seat.

Speaking of ridonkulous, it amused me to see pre-fab banners hung around the stadium staking certain sections out as fan clubs for the various players or the coach, similar to what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do. “Ruth’s Rowdies” seemed as tame as they were sparse. Just sayin’.

What, no "Foxy's Frigate"?

Here’s the news: I have three leagues to follow right now (WPS, WNBA, and MLS). I decidedly avoid fan forums (including RebKell) because it’s kicking my ass just to follow the games, let alone bone up on transactions, rumors, and so forth. Plus there is World Cup qualifying going on, plus TWO MORE gods-damned soccer tournaments flaring up.

So, no, I didn’t remember that Anne Donovan was an assistant coach for the Liberty. I forgot the guy’s name from last year who always did halftime interviews with Mary Murphy. He gone, apparently.

Look for the really tall woman with glasses. Bingo.

Look for the really tall woman with glasses. Bingo.

Annnnnd now…


In person…

The last DODO! (Fanfare)

Okay, really, they introduced the Liberty with about as much enthusiasm as 8 year-olds show for having Grandpa insist on watching 60 Minutes. They introduced the bench players first, and skipped Leilani Mitchell. Then the starters. They tacked Mitchell on at the end of the intro because “Leilani” is really hard to pronounce, I guess.

/lights go out
/spotlights go crazy
/fans go crazy


YOUR San Antonio Silver Stars!

From Atlanta… Petrel’s favourite player of ALL TIME (and I like her too, if a love/hate way), KATIE MATTERA! (Billy Joel music: She’ll always be “Feenstra” to meeee)



Next: From an undisclosed blog loaded with playlists, rude sarcasm and “fic”, Queenie’s favourite player who isn’t a Liberty, Vickieeee Johnsonnnn!



And finally, the greatest player of ALL TIME, whom should be loved not unlike one’s own first-born, and whom people need to smother with nuthin’ but love, BECKYYYYY HAMMON!

OMG sign my yearbook

OMG sign my yearbook

Speaking of relative heights, I knew Leilani Mitchell was the proverbial bug’s ear, but damn, Hammon is shorty-short-short. Just an observation.

Speaking of short, Leilani Mitchell is annoyed that I have yet to talk about the Actual Game. Get on with it, already!

I'm strong to the finish, 'cuz I drinks me spinach

I'm strong to the finish, 'cuz I drinks me spinach

I will, next.




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