WNBA: Silence

15 06 2009

Before I forget, I mentioned in an earlier post that the Ticket sports radio station in San Antonio had a tent up outside the AT&T Center before the game, which surely was an invitation to talk WNBA after the game, right?


I consulted my camera to get the call numbers, and tuned in to hear a deep discussion about soccer referees throwing parents out of the game.


I mean, it was just opening fookin’ night for the home WNBA team. They WON. Becky Hammon had a big game. She has sat in on their morning drive show.

Really, nothing?

Granted, it takes two to tango and alla that, so maybe nobody was lighting up the phone lines burning with an insatiable urge to talk WNBA ball on the Ticket. Since there is no local franchise here, I have no way of knowing if local sports radio devotes any air time to WNBA yakkery or not.

But it was disheartening just the same. I was in the mood for WNBA yakkery as I headed for the highway back home.




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