WNBA: The Seats Don’t Fill Themselves

22 06 2009

The Womens Hoops Blog passed along a note concerning Mercury Madness. A snippet – and go read the whole thing:

One of the craziest (and most exciting) times of the year in our office is starting now… It’s MERCURY MADNESS, our All-Employee Sell-a-Thon!!! Starting NOW, all of our employees get together for a cause and are put into teams to see who can get the most tickets donated for Mercury charities. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m competitive, but I also love good causes, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Every $10 donated provides one ticket to a child who wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise to attend a game.

Sayeth Helen at the WBB:

You want to make a kid happy? Donate.

You want to grow the WNBA? Donate.

I suppose the Haters™ would claim this means the WNBA is being propped up by the uh, fans, but uh… KOBE BRYANT!

Or something.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea, and am interested – as I dutifully track 2009 attendance figures league-wide – to see how this plays out at the turnstyles.




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