Occupational Hazard

14 07 2009

Summertime, and the IDs might be fake.

We’ve been getting a rash of out-of-state IDs lately, which offhand might not be noteworthy except I was informed some minors pulled a bait-and-switch trick on me to buy cigarettes. Honestly, the ID looked real enough, and the bait-and-switcher was smart enough to put the age as a fresh 21, as opposed to say, 38. What really pissed me off was that a delivery man for one of our vendors saw the stunt go down around the corner and didn’t warn me.

In retail parlance, we call this “getting McLovin’d”.

Short of flat out refusing service to any out of state ID folks, I’ve been asking for a 2nd and 3rd form of ID to corroborate the story. My inclination is to deny the sale if the age question cannot be satisfactorily proven.

One day another out of state ID turned up and it looked fairly dicey. The customer didn’t have any other ID handy. The car had no front plate. I tilted the ID looking for holograms and whatnot and frowned over the offering.

Me: “Do you have any other ID?”

Customer: No…”

Me: “I’m concerned about this ID. I got “McLovin’d” recently and that’s not happening again.”

Customer: “If it helps at all, I shop here all the time.” (Never seen the kid in my life.)

Me, not missing a beat: “So does McLovin.”




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