7 08 2009

This isn’t the first outlet for this idea, but mere moments ago I opted to check out the latest Carol Lay cartoon at where she envisions a “greener” world by way of white paint.

Specifically, the suggestion is to paint roofs and exterior walls white to reflect sunlight, thus reducing Climate Change/Global Warming.

Uh, no.

I think the short answer to the “why not” question is, have you seen Italy? Have you seen towns bordering the Mediterranean Sea? Have you seen Greece? (To name a few.) Italy isn’t painting over that terra cotta, ever.

And it was terra cotta-colored long before Climate Change/Global Warming entered the lexicon.

Another factor that doesn’t seem to be taken into consideration when ideas like this get tossed out is that you’re essentially retro-fitting every roof worldwide. This means the exertion of energy and resources to cosmetically patch up what has come before, which isn’t exactly “green”. I am more of a proponent of establishing guidelines/mandates for new construction. Example: Building new homes/buildings with “green” attributes (and designed for longevity) rather than applying cosmetic touches to an otherwise wasteful dwelling.

Wouldn’t ya know it, as I fact-checked my ass, I found out that Turin has been doing just that.

Interesting that the roofs are not white.

Back to the drawing board, folks.




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