EM Reprint: A# (A Sharp)

2 12 2009

(Originally published May 16, 2006)

Some questions about A# (A Sharp):

  1. How is A# represented visually?
  2. What is the difference between A Sharp and B Flat (as a single note)?
  3. Do we produce A#, or do we express it?
  4. What is the gender of A#?
  5. What is the morality of A#?
  6. Does A# exist naturally, or is it sounded solely by artificial means?
  7. Suppose that you had no external musical instrument or other equipment. If someone were to ask you to describe A#, how would you do this?
  8. Does the representation of “A#” in print convey its essence?
  9. Do you believe that A# exists on a tangible level?
  10. If yes, where is it found?
  11. What are the politics of A#?
  12. Does A# judge you?
  13. If you asked A# a question, what would it say?
  14. If you asked A# for help, what would it do?
  15. Are overtones, undertones, and harmonics present when A# is sounded with other musical notes, including octave spans of A# with no other sounded notes? (Meaning only octave notes of A#.)
  16. If yes to the above, how would you express these tones in print?
  17. Are the overtones, harmonics, etc produced consistently when A# is combined with other notes?
  18. Is A# eternal?
  19. Is A# universal?
  20. Does A# think?
  21. Does A# reason?
  22. Does A# show emotion?
  23. Does A# die?



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