Unsolicited Praise for Redbox

27 12 2009

I’m not into giving solicited testimonials, but I feel the need to say, on my own accord, that Redbox is brilliant.

I have Verizon FIOS, and “on demand” movies in HD run $5.99 for new releases. Going to the actual theatre costs $7.50 at a minimum. Redbox costs $1 per day for a DVD. Sold… I mean, rented!

I checked out District 9 and Julie & Julia to try the service out on Saturday. You have to swipe a credit card (or debit card that works as a credit card) and enter an email address so they can send you an e-receipt. $2 for movies I wasn’t drawn to even at matinee theatre rates seemed like a good deal.

This will drive futile search engine traffic, but for my own reference here are some movies I am looking forward to renting with this service soon:

Star Trek (2009)
Terminator: Salvation
Drag Me to Hell
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

There, 5 movies, 5 dollars. And still $0.99 cheaper than ONE on-demand movie in HD over FIOS.

Oops, forgot one:

The Wrestler

Since you can return movies to any Redbox location, and hey! there’s a box within walking distance from my apartment, Redbox becomes something of a DVD easter egg hunt. Not every box has the same movie selection. Apparently you can reserve movies online and retrieve them from your dispenser of choice. Neat-o. Oh – and when you return the movie, you do get an email confirmation back. Nice.

I hear tell that there are freebie codes out there for Redbox, but until I successfully use one I won’t give credence to that claim. (Update 12/29/2009: I tried a freebie code and it worked! I’m socking the next one away for a movie I really am unsure about spending money on, like Profiles in Vomit or A Movie So Cloyingly Sweet You’ll Claw Your Own Eyes Out. Good times!)

If you, like me, are looking for inexpensive entertainment options, try Redbox. Just don’t rent movies I haven’t seen yet, okay?



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