2009: A Year in Beer

2 01 2010

I saved all of my bottle caps this past year with the intent of making bottle cap garland (tinsel?) for the Christmas tree at work. I never got around to figuring out how to make it, but the side benefit is, I got to check out how diverse my beer consumption was in 2009.

Bottle caps

That's-a lotta poppin'!

Click here to view larger image.

I thought about rattling off each beer line by line, but isn’t it more fun to glance around the photo and pick out likes and dislikes?

I will note that the final cap in the array is Ommegang Hennepin, which was the final beer of 2009. I really wish I could take a mulligan. The 2nd to last beer was Fuller’s 1845 Celebration Ale. (That would have capped – haaa! – off the year nicely.)

Bottle caps zoom

Extreme close-up! AAAAAAA!

Click here to view larger image.

I think I’ll save these for a cheapie art project. I might mount them to a frame (looks like I need one of those IKEA 17″ square ones) for posterity.

Anyway, I’m glad I opted to save the caps and not the bottles.





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