January 12, 2010 Wine Inventory

12 01 2010

Another installment in an occasional series.

As of today, January 12, 2010, I have the following wines on hand and awaiting consumption:


2006 Thomas Henry Russian River Valley Chardonnay (750ml, USA, California)


2003 Bolla Amarone della Valpolicella (750ml, Italy)
2004 Inwood Estates Vineyards Tempranillo-Cabernet (750ml, USA, Texas) **
2004 Laurona Montsant (750ml, Spain) **
2005 Caro Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml, Argentina)
2005 Louis M Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml, USA, California)
2005 Rombauer Cabernet Sauvignon (375ml, USA, California)
2006 Roessler Clos Pepe Pinot Noir (750ml, USA, California)
2007 337 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml, USA, California)
2007 Domaine de Couron Little Canyon (750ml, France) **
2007 Independent Producers “La Bourgeoisie” Merlot (750ml, USA, Washington)
2007 Layer Cake Primitivo (750ml, Italy)
2007 Ruffino Chianti (375ml, Italy)
2008 Cooralook Pinot Noir (750ml, Australia)
2008 Crios Malbec Rose (750ml, Argentina)
2008 Dario D’Angelo Montepulciano D’abruzzo Rosso (750ml, Italy) **
2008 Pinol Ludovicus (750ml, Spain)

** Blend

Sample Bottles (Temporarily stashing them at home to bring to work for tasting events)

2006 Olabisi Chardonnay (750ml, USA, California)
2007 Catena Chardonnay (750ml, Argentina)
2008 Clean Slate Riesling (750ml, Germany)


  • Update: The Amarone, Caro, Crios, and Inwood were gifts.
  • In a moment of kitchen panic, I used my 375ml bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio (see prior installment) to deglaze a pan. I did get in a sample glass and it was indeed (clap the syllables) o-ver-ra-ted, but it got the deglazing job done and added an air of hoitiness to the proceedings. But yeah, there are better PGs out there for half the price.
  • While the weather in Plano Texas continues to cooperate, I have been making stews and chili as often as possible since the weather will trend upward very soon and I’ll have to wait 11 months for the next opportunity. My wine selection is starting to trend “warmer” as in, wines for warmer weather. I really want to enjoy the Caro and Laurona with friends while the weather is cold.
  • I planned to drink the Layer Cake on New Year’s Eve but went with beer instead. The Primitivo is excellent and a must-try if you find it locally.
  • Cooralook Pinot Noir is the “new Layer Cake Primitivo” at work. A co-worker opened a bottle for customer sampling and sold 9 bottles inside of 2 hours. I like silky smooth Pinots Noir and apparently so does the rest of Plano.
  • And the Dario D’Angelo had a brief stint as the “new Cooralook Pinot Noir”. It retails for about $8 at work, and once people caught wind of it we have been cranking out the cases, which is a big deal for us. Since I like to cook Italian food at home as able I snagged a bottle to make sure I’d have some decent “weeknight” Italian wine without resorting to Ruffino Chianti – which I use for cooking, in the convenient 375ml bottle. That’s your hip tip for the day, people: Don’t buy those supermarket “cooking” wines. Find a decent yet cheap wine that you like to drink and use it for cooking too. I used to only use Rene Barbier Mediterranean White (retails for about $5 these days) but have since moved on to using other wines (see above).
  • I really don’t have expensive wine money, but I did make room in the budget for a rematch bottle of Rombauer Cabernet. I’m more acclimated to red meat now and should be able to enjoy the food and the wine equally.
  • I used Delas Merlot in a stew recently and served Chateau Bonnet Bordeaux Rouge with dinner. The Merlot served its purpose in the stew – Merlot is excellent stew wine, I have discovered, both in it and to drink while eating – but the Bordeaux was utterly forgettable. For some reason that wine has perked up in popularity at work, which is nice, but there are surely better French wines around the same price range. I’ve got my radar up for whatever wines they might be.
  • I picked up a bottle of the Pinol Ludovicus at a competitor one night and it really brings out the smokiness in smoky foods. I got some Applewood smoked cheese to have with the wine (not knowing what would happen) and was amazed at how the smoky taste was amped up by the wine. I suspect this means “great with BBQ”, but as I now have ready access to it at work, I plan to test my hypothesis once the weather warms up.

There’s lots of great wine out there… explore!




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