Vancouver 2010: USA Responds

14 02 2010

I’m not going to provide “coverage” of the Olympics, as such, but since I left the cliffhanger about how Team USA would respond to Canada’s complete annihilation of Slovakia that loop ought to be closed.

I tried to stream the game at work and was unsuccessful beyond the first period. I haven’t watched the game on my DVR but I do know that Team USA beat China 12-1. The Chinese goalie had a moment of absolute larceny (to borrow from Daryl “Razor” Reaugh) against Julie Chu when it looked like she had a sure-fire goal at close range and she just snatched the puck out of the air denying her the stat.

While China isn’t expected to medal, I was impressed with the quality of their play (what of it I did see) considering that China isn’t generally thought of as a hockey superpower.

So Canada is winning on goal differential 6-0. They play Switzerland tomorrow. Check your local listings.

Oh – and congratulations to Canada for winning their first gold medal on home soil.




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