Vancouver 2010: The Boys of Winter

16 02 2010

Briefly: I was very impressed with Switzerland in their game against Canada (women), and then Canada started using their goalie for a turnstile and the rout was on, 10-1. I also was not aware that Slovakia blew Bulgaria back to the Stone Age 82-0 during the Olympic qualifiers. But I stand by my comments about the Slovakian goalie: It’s utterly demoralizing to be on the losing end of a rout and the fact that she kept trying her best is a good lesson. More thoughts on that sort of thing at another time.

The Women’s tournament continues apace with Team USA against Russia, and now the men have arrived.

(Women) USA vs Russia (2:00pm Central)
(Men) USA vs Switzerland (2:00pm Central)
(Men) Canada vs Norway (4:30pm Central)
(Women) Finland vs China (7:00pm Central)
(Men) Latvia vs Russia (11:00pm Central)

I don’t have a prediction for the men’s side as to who will take gold. I’m planning to just enjoy the games and let the drama build up as it may organically.

Check your local listings. The official Olympic Hockey page is here.




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