Vancouver 2010: The First Frozen Four

19 02 2010

The women’s hockey preliminaries have concluded, and 8 teams have been cropped to 4. Here are your matchups for the medal round on Monday February 22 – meaning, these teams will play for placement into either the gold/silver or bronze/participation ribbon games on Thursday February 25:

2:00pm Central: USA vs Sweden
5:00pm Central: Canada vs Finland

It is something of a foregone conclusion that USA and Canada will meet in the Gold/Silver game. Sweden got absolutely thrashed by Canada in the final preliminary round for their group, whereas Finland kept things reasonably tight against USA but still lost 6-0. The USA/Finland game is especially noteworthy as it featured the first penalty shot in Olympic women’s hockey. Finland was denied further historic achievement by US goalie Jessie Vedder.

As for the men’s side, there is literally too much hockey to follow coherently. I have seen bits and pieces of some of the games but have not seen USA or Canada yet. I hope to rectify this (not today as neither side is playing) soon.




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