Vancouver 2010: The Golden Boys

1 03 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics went out with a slap shot as Team USA (men) faced off against Canada. As Doc Emrick pointed out, every player on the roster was from the NHL.

Spoilers and comments after the jump.

Okay, spoiler time. USA lost 2-1 in overtime.

I’m NOT a teary mess about it. The difference is, I have been following the USA women for months and have more “history” (yay me) with the players, meaning I had more of an emotional investment in the outcome. The up side to a Canada win is that Brenden Morrow (Dallas Stars) has a gold medal.

What strikes me as interesting is that for all of the talk of how the women’s side is boring and predictable with 2 elite teams and a full dance card of “not exactly” that the medal podiums for both genders was the same. Gold to Canada, Silver to USA, Bronze to Finland.

How d’ya like your parity now?

Right now, the story is that Canada had quite a smashing Olympics, going from zero home gold medals to at least eight (last time I checked, so, nine?). And gold medals for both of their hockey teams.

The story I am socking away for later: China’s women’s hockey team in 2014.

Just a hunch.




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