Outlaw Angler Fishing Report

17 04 2012

So, yeah. It’s been awhile since I went fishing. So long ago that I was living in Texas, over-paying for a fishing license that I didn’t need because I was on private property, and durned if I wasn’t catching any fish a) in a turtle-only pond, apparently and b) using practice plugs.

Now it’s 2012, I live in Wisconsin where you need a relatively cheap fishing license to fish anywhere in its air, land, and water-space, and lookie here, I caught a fish!

Yah-hoo... I mean, bad, bad fish!

Actually, don’t lookee here if you’re with the Wisconsin DNR. I read TWO (count ’em), TWO fishing regulation books before I went fishing in Wisconsin and as a result I thought that fishing before May 5 (and after March 3) was okay as long as you did catch ‘n release. Which, on my honor, I always plan to do with very limited exceptions. Turns out, whoops, largemouth bass are “don’t even TRY to catch” right now, and naturally one all but tugged on the line and asked to be hauled up. Worse, I had snagged my line prior to the catch and the tangle was on top of my needlenose pliers, which delayed the hook removal quite a bit. The fish tolerated being dunked back in the water to keep it alive while I de-tangled the pliers. Guh, and gyuhhh.

Fortunately, the fish was let go after I practiced CPR (catch, photo, release) and hopefully it is making more bass to get me into trouble next off-season.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend the expert angler caught… a turtle.

So not a fish.

With her bare hands, and it got CPR’d too, then it was off to live a happy snapping turtle life somewhere along the Fox River.

Key learnings:

  • If in doubt, check the regulations AGAIN. If the DNR ever finds this, a) I’m sorry OMG please don’t ban me for life and b) we’re for sure not fishing anymore until May 5th when the season officially starts.
  • 6lb test line suuuuuuucks. It might be cute for, I dunno, crappies I guess, but sheesh, nothing like that “fish on” feeling when you’ve hung a spinnerbait on the line and haven’t actually casted yet. I upgraded to 10lb test and threw some test casts and I’m stoked for May 5th is all I’m saying.
  • Holy crap I caught a fish! I might actually be good at this!
  • Fishing in WI is like a box of chocolates: it melts in the sun. No, I mean you never know what totally illegal fish you might catch during closed season. No, I mean there’s lots of variety but putting your hand out doesn’t mean you’ll get anything. Or something. Come onnnnnn May 5th…
  • Fishing in SE Wisconsin is very boat-centric, we’ve discovered, from land.

Well, here’s to an exciting, totally street legal fishing report sometime after, when? (May 5th) That’s right!




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