Fishing Update: May 20, 2012

20 05 2012

Previously: I caught my first fish as an adult, and I caught my first legal fish as an adult.

So, then what happened?


Scooooore! And looking like I’ve done it before.

Awwww, yiss… I rocked the white bass scene for a while, as I waited for the May 5 opener. The thing I like about bass (any kind) is that they seem to hook themselves and don’t take much effort to catch, that is, if and when they take the bait.

Here’s a rundown of what I have caught (and released) with selected photos. Enjoy!

May 1: White bass, Fox River, Wilmot WI (spotted rooster tail – pictured above)

May 4: Lake trout, Anderson Pond, Kenosha WI (Unknown lure… may have been a jig head/grub combo or spoon)


That’s right, that just happened.

May 6: Lake trout, Anderson Pond, Kenosha WI (Fuzzy jig from my brother)

May 10: Lake trout, Anderson Pond, Kenosha WI (Little Cleo® spoon)

May 12: Lake trout, Anderson Pond, Kenosha WI (Fuzzy jig from my brother again)

May 13 (morning): Lake trout, Anderson Pond, Kenosha WI (Little Cleo® spoon)

May 13 (evening): Lake trout, Anderson Pond, Kenosha WI (Little Cleo® spoon)

May 17: Smallmouth bass, Anderson Pond, Kenosha WI (Lindy® jig head with corn kernels)


Actual size. I can’t believe I am including this as a caught fish.

May 20: White bass, Fox River, Wilmot WI (Lindy® jig head with Berkley® Gulp! minnow)

2012-05-20 13.20.20

Back on the white bass kick.

Eleven! Eleven catch ‘n release fish so far this season! Ah ah ah! (thunder)

I know that’s not going to win any awards (except maybe lamest fisherman) but hey, I’m new at this and any fish are good fish.

Key learnings:

  • Persistence pays. So does fishing small ponds to get acclimated to “fish on” conditions versus what it feels like to run your lure over the pond floor, rocks, weeds, tree branches, and so on.
  • Flexibility pays too. Be prepared to try different spots and lures, and techniques. The fish might not be biting because you’re not giving them what they want. Keep changing things up as needed until they show interest. Or maybe they really just aren’t biting that day. I’d rather close my fishing session feeling confident that I gave it my best shot rather than second-guess myself until the next outing.
  • Just because I caught fish at all of two locations in Wisconsin (lately) doesn’t mean they’re the only placed I tried to catch fish. The misses: Silver Lake, Eagle Lake, Camp Lake, Vern Wolf Lake.
  • Just because the Fishing Almanac says one day is “excellent” and another “poor” doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to happen on your fishing expedition. Same with the fishing app on my phone: More often than not, I’ll catch a targeted fish the “wrong” way instead of whatever the app thinks I should be doing.
  • I’ve decided that fishing is not unlike golf, but that’s a story for another time.

If I could only give one piece of advice to anyone who, like me, was nervous about getting into fishing, it’s this: get out there and fish already. You’re guaranteed to get skunked if you don’t have a line in the water.

Happy fishing!




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