Thoughts About the Movie “Absentia”

19 07 2012

Balance to all things. After beating up on (and yet giving a generous 3-star rating to) Live Animals, I sat down and watched Absentia. In short, see it, NOW.

Longer me: Spoilers follow, but not as flagrantly as the other movie review.

Okay, THIS. This is the movie I was pining for and not getting with Live Animals. They’re two completely different films, but this movie sells the drama. Here’s the quickie poop:

A woman and her sister begin to link a mysterious tunnel to a series of disappearances, including that of her own husband.

Namely, Tricia (the woman) has finally reached the 7-year mark to finally have her missing husband declared “dead in absentia” barring any evidence as to where her husband might have gone, and why. Callie (the sister) comes to visit and as noted in the user reviews at IMDb, the chemistry is superb. The actress who portrays Callie has yet to crack the Hollywood nut (outside of this and a few other flicks) but come ON people, get her signed up. There were solid performances all around, but if I had to pick one person to highlight it would be Callie.

Big ups and much love to the director/writer/caterer/whatever else for knowing when to say “when”, and deciding that less is more. Some people panned the movie at IMDb saying in essence that blurry shots and slow-burn acting does not “suspense and drama” make, and to them, I say, “go jump in a lake.”

I don’t have direct insight into how this movie was conceived, but what seems apparent is that the writer asked not only “what would happen if [scenario] happened”, but “what would people do?” What would they say to each other about it? How would they react? To me, that’s what made it an easy choice for me to buy in to the story (and the acting) because yeah, that’s how people are when someone vanishes for seven years. Yeah, that’s how people are when they hear a crazy story and the person telling it has dilated pupils.

I could go on and on, but really, take the 90 minutes and experience the movie for yourself.

4/5 stars, on the Netflix 5-star scale.




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