Thoughts About the Movie “Lips of Blood”

23 09 2012

(Or, en français, Lèvres de Sang.)

Hoo boy. I need to lay off of the Netflix for a while. Or specifically lay off of what I can charitably call “Cinema Merde”. I was warned, I was told, I was advised, “don’t see this movie”. But too bad, free will is a thing, and now I get to write this lovely review. Sure, I could keep all this to myself, but there’s just so much WTF-ery involved here that I have to just shout it from the rooftops.

The again, unusually wordy synopsis (what the hell, Netflix, decide on synopsis length!):

French horror fantasist Jean Rollin directed this surreal, erotic vampire tale in which Pierre has recurrent dreams of an ancient mansion and a ghostly woman in white. When one day Pierre sees an advertisement with a picture of the mansion from his dreams, he tracks down the photographer. Soon, Pierre finds himself in a coven of beautiful women who live in the dark edges of Paris and drink human blood to survive.

So… sexy vampire ladies then?

Spoilers follow, but you know you want them. You want them so bad.

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Thoughts About the Movie “Naked Fear”

22 09 2012

Yes indeed, I’ve been streaming Netflix movies again with varying degrees of quality. For example, OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies is best seen after The Artist, whereas OSS 117: Lost in Rio could be skipped altogether.

I try not to let the Netflix reviews sway my decisions when picking movies for my queue but this one had a theme running through it, pro and con: “Gratuitous female nudity.” Hmmm, well I’ll be the judge of that. To the keyboard! /trumpet flourish

Spoilers follow.

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Thoughts About the Movie “The Woman”

15 09 2012

I was loading up my Netflix streaming queue again, and happened upon a movie that was filed under “horror” called The Woman. The 2-bit summary is as follows:

When a sadistic backwoods lawyer brings home a feral woman he found lurking in the woods, he locks her in a shed and orders his family to “civilize” her.

As usual, the summary isn’t quite accurate, and as usual, spoilers follow.

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Thoughts About the Movie “Houston We Have a Problem”

27 08 2012

Well, I think this wraps up energy-themed documentary reviews on this site for a while, but if that’s the case I do declare the run is going out on a high note. It was refreshing to see a documentary on a – put mildly – touchy subject that cast everyone in a new light and explored the issues without overt axe-grinding.

Not that there wasn’t any axe-grinding, it was just more fun to watch.

Spoilers follow.

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Thoughts About the Movie “Patagonia Rising”

22 08 2012

It wasn’t intentional on my part, but somehow I found the movie that Windfall was trying to be.

In short, what Patagonia Rising is supposed to be about is an overview of a controversial plan to build dams in the Patagonia region of Chile. That’s not quite what the finished product becomes, but I’ll hold my thoughts for after the jump.

Spoilers follow.

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Thoughts About the Movie “Windfall”

20 08 2012

I saw this movie listed under “documentaries” on Netflix and had a creeping feeling that it was going to be a hatchet job on the relatively young wind power industry, but as I cannot claim any great degree of knowledge about the wind power industry or the turbines themselves I decided to give this movie a fair hearing.

Spoilers follow.

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Thoughts About the Movie “The Elephant in the Living Room”

13 08 2012

When I’m not watching horror movies (or similar) on Netflix, I’m balancing things out karmically with documentaries. So in this case, to balance out the incredibly awful (as in, really lame) movie “Bane” (which has nothing to do with Batman), I watched “The Elephant in the Living Room”. In short, it’s about people (mostly in Ohio) that keep exotic animals as pets – lions, for instance – and at least one man tasked with promoting responsible pet ownership and in some cases, putting the animals down if they present a threat to the general public.

Spoilers follow in the form of a movie discussion, so if you want to view the film with virgin eyes, queue it up and come back here later to see how my thoughts on the subject compare to your own.

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