Life Update

16 08 2013

In our last episode, I wrote, in part:

So, it’s been a while since my last update, and I’m happy to report that all is well here. I met the love of my life, she moved in with me (more on that story later), and I got a Nook HD+ from Barnes & Noble.

Well, obviously I have been busy, and I am happy to report that all of the quoted things are still happening. I am now engaged to the love of my life, she still lives with me, and I still have a Nook HD+.

Here’s the scoop, people. This entry will most likely shutter this blog forever. I don’t write for any particular audience here (like duh), whereas I do on Facebook, and even then I do it Facebook style and not long-form like I do/did here. So I suppose I will pass this along pour le monde and if anyone finds this edifying, fantastic.

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Outlaw Angler Fishing Report

17 04 2012

So, yeah. It’s been awhile since I went fishing. So long ago that I was living in Texas, over-paying for a fishing license that I didn’t need because I was on private property, and durned if I wasn’t catching any fish a) in a turtle-only pond, apparently and b) using practice plugs.

Now it’s 2012, I live in Wisconsin where you need a relatively cheap fishing license to fish anywhere in its air, land, and water-space, and lookie here, I caught a fish!

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The Numbers Game

26 06 2010

Long-time online pal Dave Rogers is doing the online dating “thing” as am I. We are using different services but we seem to have reached the same conclusion: It’s a numbers game.

As Dave is wont to say, technology doesn’t change what we do, just how we do it. We seem to have differing views on how much technology we need close at hand (he says, blogging) but yes, neither of us could be thought of as technophobes. So it should not have shocked me to learn that he was trying his hand at online dating.

I am aware that I am taking something of a risk writing publicly about my online dating experiences, as potential dates may read this article (hi, potential date!), but I have stressed my desire for honesty and open communication and perhaps this will underscore those claims.

To to come clean a bit, I am using two services: OK Cupid (free) and eHarmony (monthly fee). I started using OK Cupid first (around February 2010) but I wanted to try a for-fee site to evaluate the difference (OK Cupid is constantly issuing propaganda about how much better their site is) and perhaps capitalize on a wider dating pool.

Here is my thumbnail review of each service:

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24 05 2010

Like a great many other people, I watched the series finale of Lost last night. And, like a fair number of people (as the feedback about the viewing experience has filtered back to me), I was a bleary mess at the end of it all. I cried for about an hour after the show ended. My emotional state had nothing to do with the series coming to an end or anything about the finale in particular, except perhaps the finality of it all.

But as I sobbed – and it was comedic after a short while, as I tried to do other things while being a wreck – I pieced together what my emotional state was really a response to. And I traced the threads back to my 20-year high school reunion in 2007.

I won’t talk about the Lost finale partly out of deference to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but plans to, but mostly because this has zilch to do with Lost.

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The Old Pro Wrestling

14 04 2010

Leave it to Keith Knight to stir up memories of yesteryear and echo my current thoughts in nine panels. Here are two from this week’s comic:

K Chronicles excerpt

Two panels of truth.

Since I want to focus on the nostalgic aspects of the comic, I’ll say in passing that I agree that today’s political “discourse” in the US is really just theatre. I don’t doubt that there are people that hold strong opinions and beliefs and indeed want to “change the world” in some way, quite sincerely. But as with any performance, one must consider the motive: To entertain, or to entreaty? Dissection, or distraction?

It can be argued that much of today’s (US) political discourse is little more than a soap opera, with much a less attractive or glamorous cast. Pro wrestling, especially during my formative years, was a soap opera played out by musclebound, oily men.

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8 02 2010

I had the requisite epiphany not long ago that if I am to be living single, and I am, then this time should and will be used to not only get my proverbial act together, but spend some time exploring and developing my interests. For example, never mind what my ex-wife thinks about “stinky food” as I’m alone with my dog and he doesn’t mind, except for the part where he doesn’t get any. I am on my way to gaining proficiency in making Daube de Boeuf with my eyes closed, and progressively better wine as the stock. This might pay off in spades at some unforeseen time, but in the immediate term I am quite enjoying my food comas.

Except I made the error of making Daube de Boeuf with “expensive” wine (over $30 per bottle, on sale for $22) before hockey night. I napped for an hour without an alarm backup and thankfully got out the door in time for the game. I spent most of the game doubled over trying to decide if I was going to heave or if I was just not in a place where I could enjoy the insane richness of my stew.

I was daydreaming about an early bedtime when the word went out that the post-game hangout was going to be at a bar with karaoke. My friends tend to karaoke mid-week exactly at the times of the month when I am flat broke, or damn near. I was going to take a pass but after the game I made a snap decision to meet everyone at the bar.

I mean, what else was I going to do on a Saturday night except walk the dog one last time and then fall into a food coma slumber?

The dog could wait.

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CHL: Drums and Scarves

27 01 2010

Friend of the blog Petrel asks:

Wouldn’t it be great if people could bring drums to a WNBA game? Or wear those cool scarves emblazoned with the team name?

To which I responded in part:

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