Power Plus: When There is No Grid

2 09 2012

Previously: I reintroduced this series, and presented my core thesis.

In this installment, I will spend a few moments talking about “the grid” and why we don’t necessarily have to think in “grid” terms when considering energy options for the future.

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Thoughts About the Movie “Houston We Have a Problem”

27 08 2012

Well, I think this wraps up energy-themed documentary reviews on this site for a while, but if that’s the case I do declare the run is going out on a high note. It was refreshing to see a documentary on a – put mildly – touchy subject that cast everyone in a new light and explored the issues without overt axe-grinding.

Not that there wasn’t any axe-grinding, it was just more fun to watch.

Spoilers follow.

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Thoughts About the Movie “Patagonia Rising”

22 08 2012

It wasn’t intentional on my part, but somehow I found the movie that Windfall was trying to be.

In short, what Patagonia Rising is supposed to be about is an overview of a controversial plan to build dams in the Patagonia region of Chile. That’s not quite what the finished product becomes, but I’ll hold my thoughts for after the jump.

Spoilers follow.

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Thoughts About the Movie “Windfall”

20 08 2012

I saw this movie listed under “documentaries” on Netflix and had a creeping feeling that it was going to be a hatchet job on the relatively young wind power industry, but as I cannot claim any great degree of knowledge about the wind power industry or the turbines themselves I decided to give this movie a fair hearing.

Spoilers follow.

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Power Plus: The Central Argument

14 08 2012

It’s time to revive an old series of articles I wrote at the now defunct ethmar.com (assuming nobody picked up the domain name) called “Power Plus”. They were an exercise in thinking about how energy (electricity) is generated, and how it is consumed.

Rather than re-hash all of those arguments, let’s review my contribution to the Bumper Sticker discourse, and I am of course available to speak at TED, assuming it is a short drive from my home.

My operating thesis for the future of energy generation and consumption is simply this:

Energy will be generated where it is consumed.

TED people. Call me.

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