Another Mission Accomplished

4 07 2012

I wanted a Northern Pike, and I got one.


Awww yeahhh.

This one’s for you, Grandpa.


Halftime Adjustments

24 06 2012

I can’t say I have been fishing for a lifetime, it just feels that way when the fish aren’t biting.


Being a process-minded person, and being new to fishing, I’m starting to learn that sometimes bullheads aren’t only found in the water. If you look hard enough you can see its reflection in the water.

Yes, I’m talking about one of my bad fishing habits: Sticking to my guns.

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Gone Carping

14 06 2012

“Shoot it, Dax!”

There, for a fleeting moment, the eyes of player and fan met, through a triangular gap in a crush of soccer players, home and visitor alike. There, in that instant, was the prime opportunity to strike, and to my disappointment, that moment was lost, with no goal try.

That’s when I knew that I “got” soccer.

Years later, I was in the seats for a minor-league hockey game, and one of my soccer friends (who now turned to hockey during the brief off-season) said that he had no idea I had any interest in hockey.

“Well,” I explained, “I got into watching hockey (post-divorce), and when I saw a blown scoring opportunity – and I knew it was a scoring opportunity – I knew I ‘got’ hockey.”

Now, years later still, soccer and hockey have faded into my past in favor of fishing.

For carp.

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Mission Accomplished

28 05 2012

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fisherman in possession of the good fortune to catch small fish must be in want of larger fish.

Such was the case with me, as the small trout and white bass haul was certainly teaching me Fishing 101, but me being me, I wanted to go for the rough stuff to challenge myself early on. My target: Carp.

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Fishing Update: May 20, 2012

20 05 2012

Previously: I caught my first fish as an adult, and I caught my first legal fish as an adult.

So, then what happened?

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That’s More Like It

25 04 2012

Even though the official opener for Wisconsin fishing season isn’t for another week (May 5th), a thorough review of the fishing regulations (AGAIN) revealed that White Bass are always in season.

White Bass


I’m looking forward to May 5th and not having to lawyer up and find loopholes in the regulations, but in the meantime, heck yes, I am targeting White Bass.

Outlaw Angler Fishing Report

17 04 2012

So, yeah. It’s been awhile since I went fishing. So long ago that I was living in Texas, over-paying for a fishing license that I didn’t need because I was on private property, and durned if I wasn’t catching any fish a) in a turtle-only pond, apparently and b) using practice plugs.

Now it’s 2012, I live in Wisconsin where you need a relatively cheap fishing license to fish anywhere in its air, land, and water-space, and lookie here, I caught a fish!

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